Our top skills include designing and building practical applications for mixed reality (AR, VR, MR). We believe we can change the workplace to become more productive and human at the same time with this new generation of technologies. We have a sweet spot, and it’s at the intersection of Iot, AI and MR (AR/VR) where we build usable, engaging and totally innovative products, or proof of concepts. Our experience and our relationship with Microsoft through the Agency Readiness program makes us your best choice for Hololens work.

Mixed Reality Consulting

We are perfectly positioned to define and craft a strategy for implementing mixed reality technologies. We have a process for businesses to identify opportunities and define strategies in order to take advantage of this new and upcoming technology. Ask us for details.

Mixed Reality Development for the HoloLens

With more than a year of practical experience in developing for the Hololens, we have created various demos and proof of concepts. From collaboration platforms with the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, to live consumer experiences at Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) including Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

Location-based MR & Experiential Marketing

We’ve successfully created a few immersive experiences for viral videos and expo booths. Checkout our mixed reality Dr. Strange experience, and Snapdragon photo booth. Both where public installation setup in Venice CA, London, New York and Hong Kong where users would get recorded on video and the output would be a viral video.

 More recently, we started working on Location Base VR (or AR) where we would get users through an experience at a set physical location. Our latest success in the space is the Mixed Reality Easter egg hunt we built at VRLA in partnership with Microsoft.