At AfterNow, we dedicate a portion of our time to experiment and research in the future of software technologies. Our products are often concieved from this time. This is our lab.


Out of home augmented reality (OOHAR) is a device inspired from the lack of having a convenient and high quality AR experience that can handle high throughput. Take a closer look at how this idea was born and when it’ll be available.

Environmental Heatmaps

We’re all used to seeing heatmaps on web and mobile user interfaces, but have you ever thought, “what if you can map what people are looking at in their physical 3-dimensional space?” Yeah, we did too.

Hue Lights

Control the color and intesity of your lights by accessing the Internet of Things through the HoloLens.

Holo UI

Our own Holographic hardware device we used 3 years for user experience experimentation and testing.

Smartphone Controller

Using a smartphone as a 6-degrees of freedom (6 DOF) controller for the HoloLens